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The Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) or Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan, is a referral program by Medicare that allows your GP to refer you for up to 5 medicare rebated sessions per calendar year. The program is available to those with a musculoskeletal injury who also have a chronic or co-existing health condition. The 5 sessions may all be used on Physiotherapy/Exercise Physiology, or they may be shared amongst Allied Health practitioners. For example, your GP may refer you for 3 Physiotherapy sessions and 2 podiatry/dietetics sessions. 

The current Medicare rebate is $55.10 for Physiotherapy. We are unable to bulk bill Medicare, and there will therefore be a gap payment. However, for Exercise Physiology sessions, the complete payment will be bulk billed by medicare. The process involves paying the full fee upfront, however, don’t worry. We then process the refund of $55.10 straight back onto your cheque or savings account. This must be a debit card, as we are unable to process the refund on a credit card. You will then be required to pay the gap for Physiotherapy. 

Pre-Employment Screening:

Our experienced and university-trained staff are able to perform all pre-employment services to ensure potential future employees are physically capable to achieve specific work-related tasks for requesting businesses. We currently are affiliated with JobFit, Sonic, Recovery Partners, and Logic Health and are open to many more pre-employment agencies with Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists that are well experienced in administering a range of assessment criteria. Our facility has a range of equipment to be able to perform all testing procedures, including lifting, pushing and pulling tasks, Vo2 measurements and all anthropometric and musculoskeletal assessments.

Workplace Assessments:

In addition to Employment screening, we also offer Workplace Assessments. These assessments are conducted by trained Physiotherapists/Exercise Physiologists with the goal of improving employee health and well-being, as well as increasing productivity and limiting workplace injuries. Our assessments include an in-depth analysis of workstation ergonomics, such as seat quality, desk height, mouse and keyboard position, screen height, and telephone position. We are also able to identify potential environmental hazards, potential repetitive strain risk factors, and workplace orientation. We are able to run exercise classes specific to the job at hand or create tailored exercise programs for members of staff. 

Our Unique Advantage

Our unique advantage is our collaborative multidisciplinary team. We are fortunate to have Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Orthopaedic Specialists, Massage Therapists, and Psychologists, who all work under one roof. This allows us to closely work together to provide our patients with a true collaborative management plan addressing all Biopsychosocial factors. This allows our patients to get access to the leaders in their fields to ensure they get the best care possible.

In addition to this, we have access to an extensive range of specialist equipment in our onsite functional rehabilitation centre. Our fully equipped and functional rehabilitation gym houses specialist equipment which is specific to the rehabilitation of certain injuries. With 35 years of excellent service on the Central Coast, Hills Street Sports Medicine is one of the longest established multi-discipline Sports Medicine Centres in Australia.

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